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10 on Tuesday

1.  This weather stinks.  Flooding, rain, blizzards, 50 mph winds…this state has seen it all in the last few days.  I just hope everyone stays safe.

2.  I spent the entire day Sunday going through the stuff we have had in storage since we moved to our house.  I got everything organized and cleaned up, and wow does it feel great!  Now as soon as Josey finishes up the storage room, we can get it all put away, and hopefully the basement won’t be such a mess!

3.  I went through all of the stuff my mom had saved for me throughout the years.  Boy, did I find some gems in there!  Apparently, there was about a four year span where I really didn’t get along with my brother Adam very well!  Some of the stuff that I had written for school projects:

“I love my mom because she takes me to town and not Adam.” and “My biggest pet peeve is Adam.”

Hilarious!  Funny thing is, I don’t remember disliking him so much.  I kind of felt bad looking back at that!  I’m sure that’s what Rory is going to be saying about Baby Brother in about five years, though.

4.Speaking of Rory, she has been killing me with some of her comments lately.  A couple nights ago, as she was getting ready for bed, she heard the wind howling outside.  Right away she said it was a “bad, bad storm.”  Since she is always saying she’s scared of storms, we told her that no, it wasn’t a storm, just the wind, and it’s not scary at all.

Well, the next day, which was yesterday, I walked into Carole’s to pick her up, and told Rory that the weather was bad, and we were going to get a storm.  Right away she scolded me saying, “I TOLD you!”

How does she remember these things?

5.  It’s been four months since I first posted that Rory had renamed herself Cinderella.  And even when I wrote that, it had been going on for a couple months.  Well, guess what…that phase has not ended yet.  For more hours of the day than not, she is decked out in her crown, glass slippers, princess gloves (aka her socks on her hands), and pretty dress (aka her blanket tied around her torso).  With a drinking straw as my wand, and a quick bippity boppity boo, she is transformed.  She spins, acts surprised and exclaims, “What a wonderful dream come true!”

It is dramatic, let me tell you.  And pretty much word for word from the movie.  Josey just loves it! :o)



6.  Those of you who have not discovered etsy, you need to ASAP.  Of course, I have mentioned my friend Jenn at Sweet Birdie before (here and here), and there are so many more talented people with shops over there.  Some of the many things I’m lusting for lately:

I have to find some way to use this in Baby Brother’s nursery, plus I can’t wait to get some cute hats for newborn photos.  And I’ve enlisted the help of Mary Had A Little Party to make a cute banner for Jenny’s baby shower!

7.  Has any body else been watching American Idol?  We all love this show, and I think there are some pretty good guys on there this year!  I am cheering for Danny and Matt.  Adam down right scares me!  I felt like I needed to go to church after watching his song last week.

8.  My most recent pregnancy craving…Capri Sun.  I am addicted to those things!  I bring them to work, and hope that nobody sees me sucking out of that little pouch like an 8 year old.

9.  We got Rory a big girl bed.  We just have to go find a matress and get it all set up!  I think she’s really excited about it because she keeps asking me about it!  One day, she tried to convince me that Baby Brother was going to sleep in there with her.  When I told her that he was going to be sleeping in the crib, she was fine with that.  She would just sleep in the crib with him, then.  She’s a little confused!

10.  I’m going to be participating in an online photography workshop starting at the beginning of April!  I am so super excited; you have no idea.  I am hoping to not only learn a lot from photographers I truly admire, but I am really hoping that it gives me the motivation and inspiration I need to pick up my camera some more.  I have had a hard time with that in the last few months.  I am tired of shooting indoors, and Rory keeps giving me a scowl every time I try to take a picture of her.

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  • jenna - i just found your blog and love it. love the pics and Rory stories!i have a 2 1/2 year old who has quite an imanignation also. where did you find an online photg course? i have been looking into them. i love my camera and want to take the best pics possible! i recently switched over to digital from film. it’s a whole new world!!

  • Mom - I absolutely love it when you do ten on tuesday! Megan, my beauty, it is food for my soul and this one really got me. I always thought that you kids probably thought it corny to save all that stuff for you guys and that I was probably doing it for me. I guess in a way I was cuz as you are probably finding out, your babies grow up way too fast.
    Last weekend Gracie went to a “Princess” birthday party. It was so cute and who would believe that 11 little “princesses” ages 4 and 5 were perfect little princesses. Gracie, the youngest, won the pin the tail game first up and dead on. It was so cute.
    I am constantly reminded how important imagination to a three-year-old is. Glorious!
    About the weather…. in Gracie’s words…”You hafta be patient”
    Love you guys and miss you, need to see you all soon,
    mom xoxox

  • Paula - Oooooo a photography course online? What all will you be learning?
    My biggest pet peeve still is trying to capture pics of my 4 YO and 2 YO with out them being blurry! I don’t know what I am doing wrong! I wish I could bend your ear on that, but you have enough on your plate.
    In the mean time, thanks for more of your wonderfully exposed, creamy-skinned pictures. What fun!

  • Heather - I love reading your blog, Megan! Your photos are always GREAT!! I have been thinking a lot of you and your family as I watch the news constantly checking on any flood news. I pray that you are safe along with everyone else that is experiencing flooding problems!

  • megan - The workshop that I am taking is:

  • Kayla - Cinderella is as beautiful as ever! Talk to you soon. Take it easy.

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